Firefighting and Consulting

Professional Project Management –  Firefighting and Consulting

If you want to bring your Project Management to a professional level –  I will be glad to assist you!

If you are in trouble – call me – any time!

Dirk Heese


>   We provide performance improvement and measurable results.

  • optimizing process flows
  • and accelerating Project Management as a whole

>   We provide management optimization

  • systematic procedures,
  • process analysis,
  • leadership- and coaching programs

We bring critical projects to a „good“ solution.


People – your staff  –
they are your most important capabilities and most vital success factor in your company!

I support your organization improving performance by finding and using hidden potential, which is still unused.

So we give support in critical project phases and daily business

  • optimize business processes
  • care for your project managers & staff


Basic analysis will be done with people who are directly concerned – your staff –
they know best what is really going on.

  • Blunder and wasted time will be identified and eliminated!

Two key benefits:

  1. less costs as done with extern consultants
  2. commitment to required changes will make all measures more effective

For more than 25 years I am working with people in project and process management  –
and if there is a project in trouble – I will care that all will turn out well! 

Dirk Heese